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Anna Vilkova

Career, Leadership & Life Transition Coach

Qualifications and Training
  • Life Coaching Certification – 2003
  • Meta States/Neuro Semantics Coaching Certification – 2003
  • Coach Mastery – 2004
  • NLP Trainers Training Certification – 2004
  • On-going professional development
Coaching Philosophy

Anna is a sought after, qualified, experienced, and passionate Life Coach of 17 years, with clients from all over the world. Specialising in all aspects of life coaching, including personal development, holistic career development, life transitions, executive/business leadership and relationship enhancement.

Anna’s coaching approach, commitment, and passion has helped thousands of people gain breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives. Anna’s personal philosophy is that everything comes back to a healthy, positive attitude, how well we connect with others, what choices we make and how well we learn.

Chris Rendall

Career & Life Coach

Professional Training and Development
  • Advanced Practitioner of Life Coaching
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • International Coach Federation Member
  • National Association of Graduate Careers Advisor Services Member
  • Bachelor of Outdoor Education and Psychology
Coaching Approach

Chris is accredited with the ICF as a Life Coach and worked in the education space as a Career’s Advisor.

He is most passionate about helping individuals find their purpose and reconnect with their passions for long-term sustained success. Chris can work with any individual who is experiencing this difficulty in their career and or personal life. Using coaching techniques on communication, values assessment and career counseling he will assist you in finding that spark that you have lost in your life.

Steve Garcia

Life Coach


With a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, Steve knows how to utilize his passion for people with his ability to communicate and motivate those around him. Initially, Steve’s career focused on his strength of building up others – at first with at-risk children and teens, then with college students and ultimately with business professionals in the financial services industry. Functioning as COO of a non-profit youth advocacy organization, Steve traveled worldwide educating, advocating and building programs that addressed the needs of youth in transition.

Steve can help individuals with:
  • Re-evaluating and improving any area of your life
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Building confidence
  • Work/life balance
  • Solution focus – finding ways to let go fears, limiting beliefs or bad habits that hinder progress and positive outcomes
  • Performance & productivity training

He believes that each human being has the incredible potential to realize their unique excellence.

Julia Cummings

Career Coach & Leadership Consultant


Julia is a dedicated and results-oriented Executive, Career and Life Coach with extensive training and over 8 years of experience. Working with individuals who are experiencing significant changes in their career and/or personal life is her forte and passion.

Julia is also a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and a Master Life Coach.


She went through a significant career change herself and knows first-hand about the stress, confusion and challenges people face at the time. Her corporate experience has been gained in a variety of roles from Management, Senior Employment Consultant, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant and Coaching.


Whether you seek a career pathway review or change, more work-life balance or perhaps you are experiencing personal life changes or feeling stuck, Julia is caring, practical, strategic and solution focused. Using formal coaching techniques together with NLP tools, she can assist with overcoming any limiting beliefs and emotional blocks to help you achieve your dreams and goals. She will tailor a solution-focused program to help you create the career and life you truly desire.

Harry Matkovsky

Executive & Career Coach


Harry holds an MA from the SIT Graduate Institute in International Management, a Graduate Diploma in Education the University of New England (Australia), and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Macquarie University (Australia).


For the last fifteen years, Harry has interwoven leadership, facilitation, and service in several non-profit institutions. He has inspired individuals, groups, and institutions to reach beyond the ordinary to achieve breakthrough success. A gifted facilitator, Harry designs and delivers paradigm changing, leading-edge development programs for leadership and personal development – with over 20,000 hours of design and delivery experience. An experienced coach, Harry has over 5,000 hours of experience delivering executive coaching, life coaching, and interpersonal relationship coaching engagements. He is committed to creating a world of potent, gifted, and ethical transformational leaders.

Lina O’Nill

Life Coach & Medical Coach to Women

Professional Training and Development
  • Certificate in Medical Coaching 2014 (Medical Coaching Institute)
  • Diploma in Developing Mastery 2013-2014 (Coaching Development)
  • Btech Mentoring 2012
  • Certificate in Coaching Skills 2011 (Coaching Development)
  • LLB (Bachelor of Laws) 1993 (Auckland University)

Lina’s background includes supporting global organizations and individuals with leadership, change management, and people development. Career coaching was a prominent aspect, delivering a program set up by Lina to support individuals whose roles were relocated due to a global restructuring. She delivered workshops and panel events to boost confidence and develop presentation skills.

Mark Johnson

Life Coach & Author

  • Certificate IV Life Coaching – The Coaching Institute
  • Diploma of Youth Work – Chisholm TAFE
  • The Breakthrough Experience – Demartini
  • NLP Seminar – QC Seminars

Mark is an experienced Life and Youth/Young Adult Empowerment Coach with a strong and successful background in Youth Work, helping young adults build their confidence and gain valuable life skills so that they can go on and experience their own sense of accomplishment. Mark’s pathway to becoming a successful coach can be partly attributed to his commitment to mentoring youth at Summer Camp USA over a number of years. He was responsible for not only mentoring individuals but also to lead workshops and programs that focused on career pathway planning, goal setting, purpose and direction, self-empowerment and confidence building.

Mark is an advocate of Skype coaching sessions for ease of access but also happy to meet face-to-face in the Eastern areas of Melbourne.

Coaching offers a way forward, so you can start transforming your life and turn your dreams into reality.